I Am Frankie Season 2 Download 480p WEB All Episode [S02E17 Added]

I Am Frankie Season 2 Download 480p WEB All Episode

Genres : Comedy

Language : English

Quality : WEB

Format : MKV

Resolution : 480p

Size : 80-140Mb

Rating : 6.1/10

“I Am Frankie” is the story of Frankie, an experimental android who navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Frankie looks like any other girl, but functions like the newest computer: complete with Internet access, extensive memory and a hard disk.

I Am Frankie Season 2 Download Links

  1. I Am Frankie S02E01 – Download.480p [103Mb]

  2. I Am Frankie S02E02 – Download.480p [103Mb]

  3. I Am Frankie S02E03 – Download.480p [123Mb]

  4. I Am Frankie S02E04 – Download.480p [103Mb]

  5. I Am Frankie S02E05 – Download.480p [107Mb]

  6. I Am Frankie S02E06:  Download.480p [103Mb]

  7. I Am Frankie S02E07 – Download.480p [113Mb]

  8. I Am Frankie S02E08 – Download.480p [103Mb]

  9. I Am Frankie S02E09 – Download.480p [103Mb]

  10. I Am Frankie S02E10 – Download.480p [104Mb]

  11. I Am Frankie S02E11 – Download.480p [102Mb]

  12. I Am Frankie S02E12 – Download.480p [103Mb]

  13. I Am Frankie S02E13 – Download.480p [104Mb]

  14. I Am Frankie S02E14 – Download.480p [109Mb]

  15. I Am Frankie S02E15 – Download.480p [103Mb]

  16. I Am Frankie S02E16 – Download.480p [107Mb]

  17. S02E17 – Download 480p [106MB]


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    I really like your site but all your series are in 480p…. The world has advanced and movies resolution has. 480p is too terrible on some of us TVs. Please include 720p. Please! Please!! Please!!!

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